Minimum Wage Council






Grade Total Secretary General Fourth grade officail or grade-5 officail Administrative Junior official Statistics Junior official Administrative deputy junior official Administrative Secretary Technical service Official
7 1 1 1 2 1 1
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Composition of the Council and appointment of councilors


9 councilors each representing workers, employers and public interest (27 councilors in total)

Process of appointment

The councilors are appointed by the President once they are nominated by the Minister of Empolyment and Labor.

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Functions of the Council and the Commitees

Functions of the Council

Operations of the Committees

Operations of the Committees
Commitee Operations
Plenary Session
  • Deliberating/re-deliberating and making a resolution on minimum wage
  • Conducting research or making suggestions for development of the minimum wage system
  • Devising/revising the operating rules
Technical Committee on Wage Level
  • Reviewing the analysis of the fact-finding studies on wage
  • Preliminarily reviewing the level of minimum wage
Technical Committee on Living Costs
  • Reviewing the report on the calculations of living costs
Operating Committee
  • Coordinating and adjusting the meeting schedule and the agenda
Research Committee
  • Coordinating and adjusting the practical affairs

Major tasks of the Secretariat

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